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Babies First/CaCoon

Toni Harbison, infant home visit nurse, gets ready to travel.
Public Health offers services to young children and families through the following home visiting public health nurse services: Babies First & CaCoon -Care Coordination Program.  Families enrolled in either program will receive:
  • Home visit from a public health nurse;
  • Culturally sensitive care;
  • Health, psychosocial and environmental assessment;
  • Parent/child interaction assessment;
  • Assessment of environmental safety and learning opportunities;
  • Immunizations assessment;
  • Health Teaching;
  • Encouragement and support;
  • Assistance to solve problems affecting the family's health and well-being;
  • Referral and assistance to access health care and resources in the community and
  • Coordination of care and help communicating with agencies and providers.

Additional services are provided under the specific programs:

Babies First:


To identify infants and young children who have conditions associated with poor health and development outcomes as "at risk," and to work to improve the health outcomes of these vulnerable children through prevention and early identification of problems.

The nurse will provide health assessment and development screenings at the ages of 4, 8, 12, 24, 36, and 48 months.

The health assessment and development screenings include: 

  • Monitoring of growth (height, weight, and head circumference);
  • Screening of motor skills, language, adaptive behavior, personal/social skills and reflexes;
  • Hearing, vision and dental screening and
  • Referral for care when screening or assessment indicates the need.


CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON) helps families who are raising children with special health needs to care for their children as independently as possible.

Our goal is to provide assistance to families with children with special health needs, such as developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and other health issues that require special medical and parenting services.  Raising a child with special health needs can be challenging and rewarding.  It also can be confusing and exhausting - for the whole family.  A child and family may need the services of many different professionals and agencies. 

At Public Health , a trained, caring nurse assists with services and resources families need to meet the health, education, social, and vocational needs of their children.  CaCoon’s program nurse can:

  • Answer questions about a child's health needs and special care;
  • Help find special services as close to a child's home as possible;
  • Help prevent problems that could be related to a child's health condition ;
  • Support families in times of stress and crisis;
  • Work with primary care physician to coordinate health care and specialty services and  
  • Help families identify specialty financial services for which their child may qualify.

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