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Healthy Communities


Chronic Disease rates are on the rise due to the decreased physical activity, poor nutrition, and use/exposure to tobacco. In Columbia County we are experiencing high rates related to each of the three categories.

As a result the Columbia Health Coalition was formed to assess, strategize, and create a 3 year plan using researched based best and promising practices. 

               Columbia Health Coalition VISION:

Ashley Baggett, left, Healthy Communites Coordinator, works with Sherrie Ford, coordinator for tobacco prevention programs.

The Columbia Health Coalition is a recognized, sustainable county coalition that partners with organizations and agencies for improving health where we LIVE, WORK, LEARN and PLAY.

Columbia Health Coalition MISSION:

The Columbia Health Coalition will empower the community to increase opportunities for healthy lifestyles through initiatives for policy, system, and environmental change

Chronic Disease is defined as a disease lasting indefinitely.  It impacts productivity, quality of life, longevity, and the economic well-being of our communities and our state!

Arthritis|Asthma|Cancer|Diabetes|Cancer|Heart Disease|Obesity|Stroke

Current Project:

The Columbia Health Coalition is working on a 3 year plan to reduce Chronic Disease by addressing the three main contributors specifically in these five settings: the Community-At-Large, Schools, Worksites, Health Systems and Community Institutions/Organizations.
If you are interested in getting involved with the Coalition, please contact Ashley Bagget abaggett@tphfcc.org.


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