Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are WIC services free

Yes! All WIC services are free to women, infants and children, who have a nutrition risk and meet the income guidelines.

2.       What about fathers?   

Fathers of children under age five are encouraged to enroll their children in the WIC program.  Just like any other parent or guardian, fathers can bring their children to appointments, attend nutrition education classes, and cash food vouchers for their children.  Active participation by fathers is a great help in keeping WIC children healthy.

3.       What if I am a grandparent?

If you are a grandparent who has custody of grandchildren under age 5, you may apply on their behalf.  If you do not have custody, you may accompany your grandchildren and their parent to the WIC appointment and you may become a proxy.  A proxy is a person who acts on behalf of the WIC partent/caretaker to come to WIC to pick up vouchers and/or to go to the grocery store to redeem them.

4.       What if I am a teen?

If you are a teen and live at home with your mom or dad, in most cases you must count all the income of your household when determining if you are eligible for WIC.  If you are on the Oregon Health Plan or Food Stamps you automatically qualify for the program.

5.       Where do I get my WIC foods?

Food vouchers are issued for each client.  A family with more than one family member participating in WIC will have more than once set of food vouchers.  Both fathers and mothers can receive and spend the vouchers for their children.  These vouchers are made out for specific WIC foods and can be redeemed at any participating  WIC authorized store.

6.       What if I lose my WIC vouchers?

Lost WIC vouchers cannot be replaced.  If a participant believes that the vouchers may have been stolen, then the vouchers can be replaced once the participant provides evidence that a report has been filed with local law enforcement.

7.        What  happens if I miss my appointments?

If you miss your WIC appointments and do not call to have them rescheduled, you will automatically terminate from the program at the end of the month the appointment was due.

8.       Is class attendance required?

Participants of the WIC program are required to attend WIC classes as these classes count as a nutritional contact for the participant and also allows WIC staff to print food vouchers for families.

9.       How do I replace my lost I.D. Card?

If you should lose your WIC I.D. Card, you may come to the WIC office with proof identify and a new WIC I.D. Card may be issued.

10.     What do I do if I run out of formula?

The WIC Program provides a supplemental package of formula to infants, 9 cans of powder or 31 cans of concentrate.  Each family will need to prepare to provide additional cans of formula for their infant as the infant matures and requires more than what the WIC program provides.