Nutrition Education Services

New foods available in WIC!

As of August 2009, WIC introduced whole grain in the form of:

  • Bread 100% whole wheat
  • Soft corn tortillas - yellow or white
  • Brown rice

Also as a part of the new foods, WIC provided a fresh fruit and veggie voucher allowing participants to choose from an array of produce items.  The voucher may be used to purchase frozen fruits or vegetables too.

Farmer's Market

As a part of the ongoing effort of WIC staff to provide the best nutritional services to families, WIC Farmers Market coupons are offered to clients in current certifications.  These coupons can be used at local Farmer's Markets for fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. 

Healthy Babies are Happy Babies!

WIC is a short term intervention program designed to influence lifetime nutrition and health behavior in a targeted at-risk population.  WIC provides free health screenings to all participants to determine nutritional risk.  A nutritional risk is any problem that is associated with diet, growth or medical diagnosis that might impact nutritional status. Examples may include anemia, underweight, history of pregnancy complications or poor pregnancy outcomes.

WIC agency staff provides nutrition education and services to help participants learn how to choose nutritious foods to improve their health and their family's health.  Some topics commonly discussed with WIC clients may include the benefits and techniques of breastfeeding, healthy food choices and portion control, weaning baby to a cup, introducing solids to baby, the importance of iron in the diet, how to manage picky eaters and oral health, just to name a few.

WIC Nutrition Services are important because:

  • WIC monitors height, weight and blood iron to make sure infants and children grow up normally and pregnant women deliver healthy babies;
  • Identify nutritional needs;
  • Listen to understand the needs of WIC clients and offer information and ideas that may be helpful in addressing nutritional concerns;
  • Offer classes on a monthly basis that address the importance of family meal times, the need to increases physical activity, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, decreasing fats in the diet, limiting juice intake, choosing fast foods wisely and healthy snacking.